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 Loot Rules

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PostSubject: Loot Rules   Loot Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 21, 2014 11:14 pm

Loot can be a contentious issue in raids, and though we try our best to allocate loot fairly, it's inevitable that sometimes people will miss out. The following rules will attempt to outline the loot policy we have with DXM, in order to reward our most valuable and contributing players, in a way that benefits the experience and progression of the guild.

Throwing hissy fits over loot allocation will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with how loot is distributed, please discuss your issues with an officer.

In general, Normal modes will be personal loot. The below loot rules apply more specifically to Heroic and Mythic modes, and may be relaxed somewhat as gearing becomes less of a critical issue in the raiding tier.

Eligibility for loot:

To be eligible for loot you must:

  1. Be a member or higher rank of the guild; 
  2. Must attend raids regularly and on time;
  3. Must contribute meaningfully to each raid run;
  4. Must come to raids with gear that is fully functional, gemmed/enchanted appropriately
  5. Be playing your main raiding character

Priority for Loot:

  • The tanks will have priority for loot that is an upgrade (especially at the start of new content)
  • Raid members will take priority over members for their main specialisation
  • Members main specialisation will take priority over raid member's off-spec
  • Members will take priority over casual and trial players
  • Players with the highest attendance will take priority for all loot following the conditions above
  • Where conditions are equal for priority, loot may be allocated based on performance
  • Any situation that is not covered by the above may be resolved through a /roll or officer decision.

Tank Mainspec > Raider Mainspec > Member Mainspec > Raider Offspec > Member Offspec > Casuals > Trials

When being asked to /roll for an item, it is the guild custom for highest roll wins, but 1>100. 
You are not permitted to roll for another person, or roll to use loot as a bargaining tool to exchange for other loot.

That being said, all raiding players are asked to be considerate of others in the raid who may have been unlucky with loot rolls. It is in the interest of everyone for loot to be shared equitably, so please keep this in mind when deciding to roll for an item.

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Loot Rules
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