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 Key Binds?

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PostSubject: Key Binds?   Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:52 am

What do you guys use for key binds? Such as for Long/short Cd's and core moves.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:05 pm

Here's one of the better pictures I found with colour coding to show good keybind spots and which fingers to use:

Mind you, this one recommends removing left/right turning keys and rebinding straife to where they were (to A D), which def takes some practice to use effectively.
http://wiki.eternal-wow.com/index.php/Keybinds is the page it's from, it gives a bit more information.

You want your longer CDs to be bound in easy to reach places, but not somewhere you may bump accidentally. I tend to use CTRL modifiers for big CDs I don't want to press accidentally, just because it's easy for me to reach. Function keys are good for long CDs too because you're very unlikely to press them accidentally. But I'm by no means a poster-child for good keybinds. Feral isn't very heavy on melee moves, just a lot of functional moves and cooldowns to bind. I tend to function on an "if it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality.

People tend to recommend T for movement abilities, so you could bind monk roll to it, and ALT + T for flying serpent kick, or something like that.
I like F for time sensitive healing moves, or a defensive CD would work nicely too.

It's really best to try out different keybinds for different moves, like anything easily reachable with your index finger: T R G F C V, and keep a consistent theme with all your characters.

This guide is from joystick:

"The green keys should be abilities you use all the time, the ones you need to get to a lot. The pink should be used for key cooldowns or short cooldowns. These can either be ones that you use regularly or ones you'll need to get to in a hurry when you do need them -- say, when the proverbial's really hitting the fan, perhaps a paladin bubble, a mage Ice Block or Cold Snap, or a shaman or druid Nature's Swiftness.

Move on to the purple keys. These can overlap with the pink keys, but I would recommend prioritizing the pinks for cooldowns you really need to get to in a big hurry. Offensive cooldowns could be great for the purples, as they are perhaps not so crucial to survival.

The turquoise keys could be used for abilities that have long cooldowns, like a priest Hymn of Hope or Shadowfiend, or ones that aren't used often or can't be used in combat -- the ones that you still want to have on your bars."

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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:20 pm

Jo just rolls her face over her keyboard and does 30k dps.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:21 pm

What Jo posted is one way some of the more serious players do it (ie. completely remap all the keys for the best set up for themselves, including changing default wow keys).

I myself use the following, without remapping most of the default keys.

1-0 & F1-F10 - main abilities + macros (With 1-5 & F1-F4 being the most often-used)
F - special action button (if there is one for the fight)
T - taunt
shift+F/G/H - target skull/X/square

I *do* click some abilities/macros. While I continue performing moves with left hand, i'd be timing the click with my right hand.

All in all there are many ways to approach this issue. I'll be happy to spend some time with you in vent to chat about it if you wish.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:21 pm

1 - =, watch for CDs and focus. smash things.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:28 pm

I'll just point out as melee your movement is really important so you can't afford to take your hand of your mouse (for movement) or far from movement keys (for strafing). If you're taking time to react to movement of tanks with mobs, you're losing auto attack time, and if you can't use your attack abilities while moving you're losing uptime and cooldowns on all your abilities. Have a rising sun kick off CD for monk for a few seconds for e.g. I imagine is a large loss overall if it happens often. Assuming fists of fury is relatively the same, you're probably losing uptime on that too because your RSK is sitting off CD and you have to use it, and then it snowballs because you're about to cap on energy and you need to use jab, then your tigers palm buff is running out and needs to be refreshed, etc. For feral, letting rip or rake drop off for a few seconds is also a large dps loss.

Even if you do your rotation to a T, if you're not moving with your mouse to stay on the boss, and using your dps moves while moving, or your movement abilities to keep up, you're going to be losing considerable uptime and dps. Also, if you're dying because you haven't got life saving defensive/healing cds bound and you can't hit them in time, you're losing ALL your dps. Staying alive = your most important role as dps.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Binds?   

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Key Binds?
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